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Sanzyme Ltd., erlier known as Uni-Sankyo Ltd., , was the first ever Indo-Japanese venture. Sanzyme Ltd., was established in 1969, and is now amongst the top 3 in domestic infertility and probiotic segments.

A company with a reputation for quality products since the last 40 yrs, it has expanded its activities and evolved as the major manufacturer of Fermentation and Biotechnology products for domestic and export markets. The company markets a range of products in the INFERTILITY (injectable fertility gonadotropins) and the PROBIOTIC segments.

SANZYME has been growing over the years and is exporting to various countries in the European union and South Asia.

LACTIC ACID BACILLUS is manufactured by SANZYME from the last 42 years.

Sanzyme was the first to manufacture and market the spores of Lactic Acid Bacillus under the brand name “Sporlac”which is now the highest selling probiotic brand in the country, available in the form of tablets, powder in sachets and vaginal preparations. Sporlac has a good position on a market experiencing strong growth.

Sanzyme Ltd., has developed a range of probiotics along with the manufacturing technology and is well accepted in the human, aqua and animal health care. It has strived to enhance its product profile and develop products with innovative / unique evidence based formulations

Kenko division was started in 2006 for manufacturing a range of probiotics for Aqua , Poultry and Vet segments Recognizing the market potential, the company pioneered various formulations in the probiotics segment – (multispecies/multistrain probiotics, yeast based probiotics, combining prebiotic and probiotic in formulations, oral and vaginal delivery forms…etc.)

We supply various Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (probiotic strains) and blended formulations to various prestigious companies By continuously upgrading our expertise and experience, Sanzyme is expanding its markets through its business partners and their requirements.

Sanzyme Ltd., is poised to manufacture customer specific, tailor made, quality probiotics for various companies and partners.

SANZYME, with its well established research and development wing, has sophisticated facilities for Analytical, Biological and Microbiological tests and research. It is GMP and ISO:9001:2008 certified.

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